(A bit of history here?  Origin of allotments during the enclosures?  History of some Leeds allotments?)

(Allotments in Leeds:  city controlled vs. self managed?)

Having an allotment can be a wonderful experience – growing your own food, making new friends and getting lots of exercise in the fresh air –  and the more effort you put in, the more you’ll be rewarded. The Leeds and District Allotment Gardeners’ Federation works on behalf of the allotment gardeners of Leeds to make this experience even richer and more rewarding.

It may be difficult to get an allotment immediately, but don’t worry if you have to join a waiting list, you can take the time to learn all about growing fruit and vegetables while you wait. There are over 100 allotment sites in Leeds and waiting lists vary but you could expect to given a plot in anything from six months to two years. Once you have a plot you may have to complete a short probationary period first – to ensure that allotment gardening is right for you.